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Welcome! So glad you found me!
You're in the right place if ...

You're a heart-centered entrepreneur or small business owner who has something important to say and is ready to get your unique message out there in a bigger and more meaningful way.

You're ready to invest in a copywriter you can trust to capture your brand voice and entice your community.

You're not exactly in love with writing or simply don't have the time to create engaging content (that's ok ... that's where I come in!). But you're ready to put your voice into the right hands and your time and energy into the work that matters most!

You understand that while writing that converts is important (think increased exposure, stronger rankings, etc.), writing that converts and emotionally connects your online community is so much more powerful. It's what attracts them and keeps them coming back for more!

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Hello there!

I'm Jill Wichner, a copywriter and content creator with a passion for using the power of words to impact those who read them.

I specialize in helping big-hearted entrepreneurs and small business owners grow and engage their audiences through copywriting and content creation that drives results and captures the personality behind the words.  

My happy place is showcasing your unique voice and message with words that convert and connect. Think of it as storytelling custom-tailored to your brand.

This takes a lot off your plate and allows you to spend more time growing your business and putting your focus where it most needs to be! 

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How did I get here?

After working in the Fortune 500 world for over a decade, life threw me a curveball. A big one. A long-term battle with Lyme Disease took me out of the game and left me unemployed, unable to function and uncertain about my future.

Renewed perspective, anyone?

I practiced some serious self-care, got into remission and wondered what to do next. I'd always been more comfortable behind the scenes, and my fear was telling me to stay there.

The feisty go-getter in me had a different plan. She insisted that it was time to step out of the shadows and start doing work that excites me.

That's when I combined my love of writing and storytelling with my lifetime habit of analyzing. What does this mean for you? A unique mix resulting in content that beautifully captures your voice, captivates your audience and is optimized to get results that will help grow and market your business.  


Whether you're just starting your business or well on your way to creating your empire ... your voice matters.

Jill Wichner - Copywriter and Content Creator located in Bucks County, Pennsylvania

A little something personal

I work from my cozy home office in historic Bucks County, Pennsylvania.

If you're a Buffy fan (the TV show - not the movie), then we have a lot to talk about!

I love a little adventure but am just as happy curled up on the couch with a hot chocolate or tea, a warm blanket and a book I just can't put down!

I'm all about the love. Except when it comes to serial commas. And spiders.

I almost backed out of a trip to Mexico because of my intense fear of flying. I met my husband on that trip.

I proudly serve as the VP/Director of Social Media for PA Lyme Resource Network, a non-profit dedicated to providing Lyme Disease education, patient support and advocacy. #LymeWarrior

When I'm not working, you might catch me laughing with friends, reading anything by Stephen King or Dean Koontz or catching the latest Marvel movie. #NoSpoilers

Jill Wichner - Business Values - Heart, Leaf and Plant Icons

What Matters Most



Genuine Connection

When we collaborate, we'll get to know a lot about each other. I absolutely love getting to know you - and your community - and building authentic relationships that last.

Integrity & Respect

Behind each business is a person. That person is you. I work with you to showcase your unique voice and personality and provide your community with helpful and relatable content.

Creativity & Originality

Each client, message and voice is unique. The same goes for my content. Just like you, every written piece is an original (no generic templates here!) and custom-tailored to your brand.


From the moment we decide to work together, I am invested in helping you achieve a growing business and flourishing community.   


I take my work seriously, but who says our collaborations can't be fun? My process is a supportive, caring, flexible and pressure-free zone that allows both of us to be our most comfortable and creative.

Jill Wichner - Values are what matter most